Psycho-educational Seminars - Pavlina Antoniou
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Psycho-educational Seminars

The following group seminars are delivered on demand:


  • Anxiety management with cognitive-behavioural techniques (Duration of 1-hour x 6 weeks)
  • Assertive communication (Duration of 2-hours, one-off session)
  • Regulating our emotions (Duration of 1-hour x 8 weeks)
  • Self-care: Yes, we matter (Duration of 1-hour x 4 sessions)
  • An introduction to depression (Duration of 2-hours, one-off session)



The number of participants is limited to eight. There is flexibility around the agenda of each seminar, so if you are interested in something that is not mentioned above, I would be delighted to hear from you.


All seminars take place in the meeting room in my office at 53, Griva Digeni Avenue, Megaro Karagiorgi, Apt. 206, Larnaca 6036.